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Master Mixer

In an industry with ever-growing change being dispensed from all over the world there are names that take front and center…. with that being said this is one of them forever humble and with much respect from fellow DJ’s. CARLLYNN has been the one on the move this past couple of years. Carl has played in NYC Parks, Tennis events, Political rally’s, Numerous locations in The Greater New York area, YMCA’s, Open House events, Silver Sneakers, DJ’d for Diana Ross, DJ’d Frankie Crocker, Studio 54, Sky Dive, Best of Friends, Bachelors in Blue, and numerous other venues. When you get to experience his master mixes you can hear all the varieties of influences with many different flavors. Carl’s a DJ’s DJ. He has mastered the many types of genres and styles of music. Carl is a master mixer, he has a way of presenting his music coming in and mixing out seamlessly. If that is not enough, he plays for his audience, which is why he has built a growing following. In 2019 Carl will be expanding his work, audience and international demographics. Carl has work with old school DJ’s as well as the newbies. Having put in numerous years of studying his art you will find a very open and recordings humble artist always willing to lend a helping hand in all areas of playing, pre and post production. Finally, after all the years there is movie in the making of Carl’s DJ journey. If asked he is not likely to drop the well-known names of all the music artist he has work with he will flash his trade mark smile. Many have borrowed, downright copy his sound but Carl will always be one of the originals to keep you sweating on the dance floor. Years at WBLS producing and DJ on the Midday Mix with the residence mix master the late John Robinson the two merge their genius of mixing and producing masterful sounds that just took you on a musical journey. Just to watch and listen to them produce mixes just had a nasty raw thumping beat that made the club industry take notice and the next was house music history. Just as the two masters were about to open their own production/record label and recording studio and while in England concluding business opportunities John lost his life in an accident, this shook Carl’s soul to lose his partner. After taking some time off and pursuing an alternate career Carl would frequent night clubs throughout his travels in the US, Caribbean Islands, Africa and Europe to train his ear to the multiple range of music to mix and master. No sleeping till Carl has put his finishing touch on his next Master Mix release.


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