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DJ/Music Producer

Meet DJ Kinga, a talented and stylish techno and house DJ hailing from Transylvania, Romania. Now based in New York City, she has made a name for herself in the local music scene with her unique blend of beats and captivating stage presence.

Growing up in Transylvania, Kinga was surrounded by a rich musical culture that heavily influenced her love for electronic music. She began DJing at a young age and quickly honed her skills, developing a signature sound that seamlessly blends techno and house genres.

Since moving to NYC, Kinga has made a splash in the local music scene, performing at some of the city's hottest clubs and events. Her sets are always high-energy, taking the crowd on a journey through sound as she expertly crafts each mix.
In addition to her DJ skills, Kinga is known for her unique sense of style, often incorporating elements of her Transylvanian heritage into her outfits. She is a true original, bringing fresh and exciting energy to every performance. Don't miss your chance to experience DJ Kinga live and dance to her infectious beats.
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