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DJ/Music Producer

Selectress MizzKae ( Selek MizzKae) Had Many Musical Influences In Her Home While Growing Up, Such As, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Reggae, Calypso, Salsa And Rock To Name A Few. She Didn't Just Enjoy And Listen To The Music, But Was Also Intrigued Of The Written Information That Accompanied Each Album...The Rest Is The Beginning Of The 'Luv' Of Her Musical Journey! Selectress Mizz Kae Would Read The Credits From Her Step-Dad's Record Collection Noting The Names Of The Producers, Songwriters And Who Sung The Backgrounds. She Was Very Interested In This Aspect Of The Music And Began Working For WIN Records (A Major One Stop Music Distributor In New York City). WIN Records Was Owned By Pioneer Sam Weiss Of Sam Records. Selectress MizzKae Later Became A Billboard Reporter (Before Sound scan) And One Of The Top Sales Women! She Met And Became Friends With Walter Gibbons (Famous 12’’ Vinyl Buyer For Rock N Soul). They Would Get Together At His Studio Weekly On Saturday Nights And Listen To 45's. DJ Mizz Kae Was Fascinated By Walter's Choice And Remixes Of Soulful Obscure 45’s With Lots Of Percussions.

She Considered Walter Gibbons To Be One Of The Best Remixers Of All Time And Knew She Wanted To Be A DJ! DJ Mizz Kae Played A Little Bit, However, She Was More Focused On Her Music Business Career And Was Offered A National Director of Sales Position For The Up And Coming Label Relativity Records. Through The Years Selectress Mizz Kae Worked For Various Labels And Distributors, But Eventually Got Out Of The Business. She Still Desired To Be A DJ, And Was Initially Hesitant After Waiting So Long. It Was After Hearing Black Coffee's Song Superman, DJ Mizz Kae Purchased A Controller And Began her musical journey, she played at numerous venues and events in the NYC area.

She now resides in Atlanta GA and started her Soul Variations monthly residency at Gallery 992 with partner Dj Yusef Terry


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