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DJ/Music Producer

Bernitha(Bernie) Lopez, better known by her entertainment

name DJ Sista Love, is currently the disc jockey for private

venues and clubs. She also currently streams live on Mixcloud

and YouTube. Although she is now best known for underground

house music, she plays a variety of genre. She credits much of

her success to her appreciation and commitment of growing up

as a musician. She played a variety of woodwind instruments,

but her passion was the flute. DJ Sista Love grew up listening to

and playing in the band and the orchestra. She credits her

journey with how music stimulates her emotionally, physically,

and spiritually. She combines all of that with her passion for

dancing, to bring the love and joy of music to form what seems

to perfectly mirror the wants and demands of her audience.

DJ Love, as she was known back then, got her start as a disc

jockey in the late 1970s when she was introduced to a mixer and

two turntables by a close friend. She listened to the radio avidly.

When she heard a record on the radio, she would call all the

record stores on a hunt for two of every record. She would

practice her craft all day. She took a hiatus in the eighties to

raise her daughter. The heart of a disc jockey called her back to

play in the nineties. She played all over the five boroughs of

New York. In the early two thousands she decided to retire from

playing. She concentrated on her profession in the medical field.

This is where she met a friend that introduced her to the

controller. Once again, the disc jockey flame was ignited. She

bought a small controller for amusement.

In 2020 the pandemic hit the world. DJ Love became ill and was

isolated. She became depressed. A family member kept telling

her to “let the music play”. She began to play on Facebook for

pure enjoyment. She was invited to play on Fattrax radio station.

Then she joined a streaming group called ThaSeven. The name

DJ Love could not be found on the streaming platform and

hence the name change to DJ Sista Love. She graduated with her

master’s degree and continued to play. She has played on a radio

station out of North Carolina. She currently has a weekly slot on

several internet radio stations, has her own shows and is laying

roots for a new team of disc jockeys. DJ Sista Love’s brand is

Love Is The Message and her goal is to spread love, joy and

unity around the world.


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