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Dj Producer

Yvonne, a native Brooklynite, was born into music. With a jazz musician father and smart mother who was supportive of the arts, Yvonne developed an ear for music. As a young child, she always had an innate desire to make people dance. Fast forward to the 80’s…. while home on breaks from college, Yvonne experienced parties at the Paradise Garage. It was then that house music possessed her. Larry Levan was a musical magician that brought people of all backgrounds and walks of life into an audiogasmic state, mixing old and new music from a wide span of genres. Each song Larry Levan played was a performance that commanded applause at the end. By the time the Paradise Garage closed in the late 80’s, Yvonne was an official house head, influenced by DJ’s at clubs like Danceteria, Baseline, Sound Factory Bar, and the Shelter just to name a few. Timmy Regisford and Joe Claussell were among her favorite DJ’s and influences. With the advancement of computer technology, Yvonne used music programs to put together dance mixes on CDs. After giving one to DJ, Producer, Eric Clark (Eman), he enjoyed it so much that he gave her a shot with her first gig at Frank’s Lounge in Brooklyn. Then the rest is history. One gig led to another. Yvonne started branching out and playing at private house parties, various lounges in Brooklyn, Coney Island, Brooklyn Parks, and block parties. She played at professional venues including Remix, Bar 13, a two year residency at 33 Lafayette (across from the Brooklyn Academy of Music) , Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Restoration Plaza, Dekalb Stage, Taj Lounge, WuLou Lounge and city sponsored events. With jazz in her genes, she has a passion for improvisation and instrumentation, blending multi ethnic and cultural influences from the diaspora in dance music. She has a love affair with Afro, Soulful, and electronic House music, as well as the garage classics repertoire.The sky is the limit, and Yvonne is ready to expand her opportunities to play in more venues, locally and around the world. She wants to help unify people through music and dance. Music is the answer!

DJ Yvonne’s Instagram is: yspauld

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